• Agile and Scrum Training
    June 27, 2020
    10:00 AM - 3:30 PM

-All knowledge areas, principles, team roles, tools/terms, and approaches to Agile and Scrum

-Thorough application of how to use Agile framework

-Drill and Practice preparation to take and pass the Professional Scrum Master (PSM1) exam



The Agile training and certification course covers the concepts, principles and methods involved in Agile development and allows you to execute and implement these practices and techniques in your business.

Agile methods focus on flexibility and adaptability and works in tandem with Scrum, which lets you introduce agility to a project.



  • Learn all about Agile Project Management
  • Understand how SCRUM with real world examples!
  • Confidently explain the differences between the Agile approach and a typical “Waterfall” project approach.
  • Know the basic pros and cons of each method
  • Understand the basics of the Scrum approach
  • Understand and Utilize Value Driver Delivery Concepts
  • Engage stakeholder effectively and facilitate Agile meetings