• Business Performance Excellence: Operational and Strategic Success Forum
    April 9, 2016
    9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


220 Ferris Drive, Big Rapids, Michigan, 49307, United States

Online registration is closed, walk-in registration is available during the check-in period (30 minutes before the event start), please note that walk-in registration is subject to seats availability


Session1: Global Leadership in the 21st Century: This seminar focus on developing high Potentials Leadership that provides you with strategies to handle the formidable challenges associated with moving into new and increasingly more complex leadership roles. You will gain a better understanding of your own approach to leadership and acquire new ideas to optimize and sustain your potential.


Session2: Human Resources Strategies and Methods: The goal of this seminar is to provide attendees with a framework for understanding, analyzing and handling dilemmas, contradictions and paradoxes faced by organizational member, whether being employees or managers. The course revolves around the everyday practice of organizing, which means that focus is on processes.


Session3: Critical Thinking and Decision Making: This seminar shows common critical thinking and Decision Making approaches and provides a methodology and approach to ensure that critical thinking is being applied to problem-solving in a structured way that works on any given subject.


Session4: Strategic Financial Analysis: This seminar will reinforce what business must get from strategic financial professionals and will introduce a number of tools and scenarios to make the financial work clearer, more strategic, and more effective.


Free Workshop: Developing an Effective Resume Workshop: An effective resume highlights the qualifications an employer is looking for and makes it easy for the employer to find these qualifications. A resume should sell your skills, experience and accomplishments to the reader with little effort. This workshop will help you to write an effective resume to help you increases the employer’s interest.